Long Socks Trend

Believe it or not, but long socks are back in. The quintessential “tourist” or some would say “dad” look is coming into fashion. Its good news for people out there who have been castigated for years for the unforgivable faux pas.

In 2017, this trend started to show up. This year, it’s coming into its own. It’s quickly taking over the world. Many men are courageously wearing shorts with socks; even long ones.

It may sound like a craze rather than a trend, but there’s logic to this madness. Socks and shorts denote a youthful and care-free attitude, which is what this fashion trend is all about.


Even celebrities have joined in, as pictures of Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber prove. Many brands are enjoying the look and are helping promote it with success. In fact, one of its notorious drawbacks has been turned into a strength - the fact that wearing socks with shorts has been seen as a shameful thing for so long has promoted this look as one of rebellious nonchalance.

Many fashionistas advise going for thick athletic socks to get the look right. Don’t hide them, but pull them all the way up for greater effect. 

Of course, the trend doesn’t end there. It has helped advance a new trend for statement socks. Socks sporting logos and designs offer a bold fashion statement, becoming immediate attention grabbers. They’ve been described as a lazy fashion statement for men by some and an abomination by conservatives. Whatever they think, it takes attitude to wear them, but once you have, you’re sure to make a splash. The trick is to wear them boldly and let them speak for themselves. My favorite way to pair my long socks is to wear it with a chunky shoe. Don’t feel intimidated. Take a leap of faith and give long socks a shot.