Cargo Pants For Fall

With the summer season closing, the fashion world is once again meditating on the fall and the new trend to follow is cargo pants. This golden oldie is being revived and is set to make a splash this upcoming season.

That’s right, cargo pants are back in. And they’re set to brighten up this coming fall for both guys & girls.


Cargo pants were first introduced for military purposes. So I guess we can thank them for this one. It’s become a recurring trend on and off ever since. I am happy to say that this fall they’re back in the good graces of the fashionistas.

This trend took off early this summer and the fall is seeing a continuation. It’s not too soon if you ask me. Cargo pants are not only stylish but comfortable to wear.

Cargo pants are coming in a variety of styles and materials offering something for everyone out there. Worn loose and high on the waist, cargo pants will adapt to any shape and make its wearer look good. 

The biggest winner though is black cargo pants. Black goes well with almost anything. Pair with a white T-shirt for a striking but cool look. 

If you prefer a more classic and traditional style, look no further than khaki cargo pants. Paired with a shirt and layered with a jacket.

As I said, though, cargo pants are coming in every shape and material, offering you the ability to choose the style that best suits your character and persona, and your destination. The main thing is to wear them with confidence and enjoy the autumn season in comfort and style.