Tips to Take Care of Your Hair During Summer


Are you planning on making waves this summer, or sunning by the pool? Regardless of where you’ll be, summer heat causes hair to frizz and tangle with the change in temperature and outdoor exposure. Even if you’re stuck at school or the office, the change in humidity can be a factor in summer haircare. 

Here are a few tips to keep your hair looking great during the hot summer months.

1. Get a trim. Start the summer off with a spruce up and a trim. Then you can manage those flyaways and frizz better with a good haircut.

2. Less washing. The more you wash your hair, the more natural oils are stripped from the scalp. Alternate days or just do a rinse rather than a wash of hair, especially after a day of swimming.

3. Go natural. When you can, avoid the hair dryer. Let your hair dry naturally, and use a light product to show off any wave in your hair. If you need a little spray to control your hair, mix argan oil with water.

4. Condition. A great protection from split ends and frizz is to add a leave-in conditioner to ends before jumping into the pool. Even better, wear a cap to protect from the chlorine. Once a week, use a deep conditioning mask to keep hair soft and shiny.

5. Cover up. Find your favorite hat or scarf and protect your tresses. It’s a great accessory but also a way to keep hair under your control.

6. Loosen up. Find your favorite loose updo instead of a tight ballet bun. This will keep your hair from twisting and shedding.

7. Apple cider vinegar. This vinegar has many great digestive properties, but it is also a natural conditioner for hair. After washing with your normal shampoo, pour on a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water.

8. Wide-tooth comb. Instead of using a brush, use a wide-tooth comb to ease out the tangles. This is especially true if you are combing when hair is wet. A brush may pull out too many hairs and cause damage, whereas a wide-tooth comb is more gentle on the hair and scalp.

Follow these tips to bask in the summer sun and keep your hair from going crazy. Moisturize, condition, and protect your hair to keep it shiny and smooth all summer long.


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