Bucket List

One of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling clustered is a bucket list. A bucket list is a way to dream and set goals for yourself, and to make your life count in some way. Trust me; you need this. Who knows what can happen? Life is precious, and it doesn’t last forever, so let’s make the most of it. All you need is a piece of paper or notebook to get started. Im going to be sharing with you some of my personal tips with you.

Consider Your Type of Bucket List

Think about the scope of your list. Do you want your bucket list to cover a year or a season, or do you want to achieve everything on it by a particular date? For example, do you want to do a “30 by 30” (30 things to have done by your 30th birthday)? Or, instead of a New Year’s resolution list, you could consider making a bucket list for the year. If you want to start smaller, to make your goals more achievable and manageable, then it might be a good idea to organize your bucket list are by season or even by month. There may be short-term and long-term dreams or goals that are on the list. By writing a list, you can then start to visualize a timeline for which things you could realistically do before others that may take more preparation and planning. 

Categorize Your Bucket List

Once you have an idea of the scale of your bucket list and when it should be achieved, think of how many things you want on your list. This is the stage at which it is helpful to break your desires down into categories. You might try: Travel, Relationships, Work, Home, Finances, and Family. If you’re a more free-flow kind of person, however, just start by jotting down ideas and you can always categorize them later. 

Make Your Goals Visual

For those who love visualization, make a vision board and hang it up in your office or living space. Each day, you can look and reflect on your goals. Visualizing your goals can help give you the motivation to get out and achieve them.  Think about having a bucket list brainstorming party, where you make vision boards or write lists to share with each other. 

One of the reasons to make a bucket list is to challenge yourself and live life to the fullest. Get your friends and family involved. Plan a vision board night with your friends and all of you can create a board. Above all, don’t be afraid to dream. Make your list and have fun crossing it off as you live your life to the fullest!