Visors – A Trend For This Summer


Visors are one of the least known and most underestimated fashion accessories out there. It’s one of those things that people think of in terms of functionality. 

In case you’re wondering what a visor even is, it’s basically a half baseball cap that shades your eyes without covering the rest of your head.

Developed in the eighties, they achieved cult status with feature films like A Weekend At Bernie’s, but they fell out of favor as a fashion item and moved toward the functional world of sports, which is why we tend to associate them with golfers, sports fishermen, and outdoors activities .

However, people are starting to appreciate visors for their own aesthetic appeal. They are geared to make a big splash this summer. The fashion world is starting to take interest in the visor’s minimalist appeal and highly functional design.

So, expect the visor to become a fashion symbol and a game changer this summer.

Visors are light and come in many varieties of shapes, colors, and patterns allowing you to match any outfit. Their sporty, functional appeal gives you a sportsmanlike vibe, but their appeal doesn’t stop there. Visors can tone down a formal outfit and give it a more informal and playful look. They add a fun and youthful component to your chosen style. 

This new trend seems to be taking over frat houses far and near. This year, we are seeing the visor conquering our streets and public spaces.

Hats are cool, but they effectively cover your head so that you can’t show off your hair. With visors, you get the protection of a cap while showing off those styled locks of hair. Visors give you the best of both worlds.

If you’re not convinced (you will be), note that visors aren’t just a frat house phenomenon these days. Many celebrities are taking up the trend. Among them, heartthrob actor and producer Bradley Cooper and rapper JA Rule. They are both showing off the visor’s appeal to the world and helping to give it a new cult status. 

So there you go, guys. The bet this summer is on visors. They are gonna be a winner, so get ahead of the curve and start looking for the visor that expresses and augments your style.