Laser Center of Miami

I have been getting this question asked a lot: “Where do you go when you need a facial in miami?” Well,  that’s easy!! I tell everyone and their mother to go to Laser Center of Miami. I have been going there for the past 5 years, mainly getting hydra facials. Hydra facials are one of my favorite services to get it; they suck everything out without any down time. I like having my go to spot in Miami since I’m always visiting. Laser Center of Miami is amazing! I can’t recommend them enough. They treat you like family. Their laser services are also one of the best. When ever I have to do a quick zap when I’m in town they always accommodate me! For laser services, ask for Jane. She is just wonderful. For a hydra facial ask for Luz. Luz has been taking care of my skin for the past 5 years and was the first person to give me a facial, EVER! Go check them out! Book your appointment here.