Under-Eye Care

It may seem like an afterthought, but taking care of the skin under your eyes is incredibly important to the way you look. The eyes are the first point of contact when people look at us. They give a first impression. People’s eyes will move over our other aspects, but they start with the eyes and the area around them.

Taking care of the skin under our eyes takes a little more consideration than other types of skin, such as the skin on our necks or even our faces. The skin under our eyes is a little more fragile. If we don’t take care of this crucial part of ourselves, it tends to show faster here than in other places.

Skin is sensitive to many outside forces, including UV radiation, wind, dust, and heat and cold. You need to assume that the skin under your eyes is doubly sensitive to these factors and act accordingly. Use sunglasses to reduce glare, have regular sleep cycles, avoid allergenic and irritating products that use aggressive chemicals. 

Keeping your skin safe is one thing, but using the right skin conditioner will help protect the skin under your eyes and keep it looking healthy and young. This is a more proactive way of protecting and nourishing the skin near your eyes.

Now, there are tons of skin products out there that are good for the skin under your eyes. They cater to all types and tastes, and to all budgets, too. 

My favorite product for taking care of the skin under my eyes is Aquaphor. The main reason for this is practicality and effectiveness. Aquaphor has the advantage of being an all-out skin moisturizer that is gentle enough to work on fine skin types. It will do the skin under your eyes as well as your face and neck.

It’s one skin care product that is both affordable and effective. You’ll save lots of shelf space and some money, too. 

Aquaphor will fight those age lines forming under your eyes. It will do tons of other stuff, too, such as acting as lip-gloss and combating unruly eyebrows.

Give Aquaphor a try and you’ll see a difference next time you look in a mirror. Take a good look at your eyes and remember how important it is to take care of them.


Image taken from Tumblr