Purple Shampoo

When I had blonde hair this was one of my main staples. One of the disadvantages of being a blonde is the yellowing or dulling of your hair color. This is true whether you’re a natural blond or not. Styling, pollution or just life in general tend to discolor light-colored hair, dulling your once bright, shiny, white locks.

So what can you do to revive your hair? Is there anything that will bring it back to life?

Let’s talk purple shampoo.

Aside from stylists, few people know what purple shampoo is all about. It’s a toning shampoo that uses the color purple to brighten up the yellows and brasses of dull blonde hair. I’m sure you’ve seen a couple of examples, even if you didn’t know it.

Purple shampoo works by using the color contrast between yellow and purple (purple stands opposite to yellow in the color wheel) to correct and cool the warm tones in blond. It reintroduces a shade of platinum and hides brassy tones.

For me tinted purple shampoo is the way to go if you want to revive your hair and avoid a regular visit to your stylist. 

The way to use purple shampoo comes down to the current color of your hair and the desired effect you’re looking for. As I said, purple works with light hair by canceling out the yellows. The result will depend on the intensity of your purple shampoo or the quantity you use.

Light hair is a range of colors starting from blonde and going all the way to platinum. If you’re a brunette, you should be aware that purple shampoo will do absolutely nothing for you.

If you have bleached hair like I had, you definitely should try purple shampoo. The result is stunning, and you’ll love it.