Bathing Suit Shorts

Summer is in the air, and it’s time to go to the beach and show off that body and get some color while you’re at it. It’s also the time to get real when choosing your bathing suit or shorts, so let’s get to it. 

There are several things you need to take into account when choosing your shorts.

1.    Functionality: what sort of sports or other beach activities are you into? Think about what you see yourself doing on the beach, aside from swimming.

2.    Fashion: what sort of fashion statement do you want to make with your outfit? Consider what colors you favor and the current trend where you are.

Let’s give you a brief description of the available merchandise and try to analyze its pros and cons with these two criteria in mind.

·     Classic Trunks: Americas’ darling and the most popular beachwear for men, they look similar to shorts and have the ability to be worn as clothing when on land and as well as a bathing suit when swimming. 

Trunks are usually made from light, fast-drying material, which explains the style’s versatility. They also feature a tighter fitting inside lining, maintaining a tight grip for swimming. 

Trunks can be divided into two types depending on functionality, one being your classic multipurpose trunk and the other being board shorts.

·     Board shorts: elongated trunks, usually with a non-elastic waistband that fits close to the torso. As the name indicates, these trunks were developed for board sports (including surfing and paddle boarding). They are designed to give you freedom of movement and there is less material that can get caught as you mount your board.

Trunks are a great option for your beach outing. You can play with the length of your trunks and the color. 

·     Swim briefs: another classic on the beach, though less popular in the states. Nonetheless, a popular option amongst many beach goers. The swim brief A.K.A The Speedois a body-hugging brief with a V-shaped front. It’s a top choice for people with muscled thighs. It’s a must for body builders.

·     Square cut shorts: basically, these are body-hugging shorts. Wear these and you’ll be covered from waist to knee. They have squarish leg openings that give them their name.

·     Jammers: when the speedo meets the short. A tight-fitting knee-length speedo used by professional swimmers to cut on drag when in the water. They are very similar to bike shorts, though without the padding. 

The different varieties of shorts mean that you’re sure to find something that suits your body style and the activities you want to enjoy. Brighten up your beachwear by going for colors other than black and, above all, have fun at the beach.