March For Our Lives Event

The deadly shooting at a Florida high school on February 14 has left many of us feeling completely numb. The shooting may have completely changed your perspective on life. It pains me so much when I remember that 17 innocent lives were lost and their families shattered forever. The March for Our Lives Event is a reminder that a lot needs to be done. The battle has just started and still has a long way to go. 

Usually, when gun violence happens on campuses, nothing changes. But this time we have seen that change is not only possible but inevitable. The time has come for us to seize the moment like never before and ensure that no more lives are lost due to senseless violence. The moment has come to take a stand and do what we believe is right. Time spent sitting on the fence is over. Participating in the March for Our Lives Event was an emotional moment for all participants and those viewing on television. Seeing hundreds of thousands of young and old marching in solidarity with the young lives that were lost on that fateful day was moving. 

Participating in the event has helped many people come to terms with the tragic event. The march made me more determined to make my voice and vote count. This is the first time that I am seeing everyone from the community come together for stricter gun control measures, the need of the hour.

The nation and the families who lost their dear ones are still grieving. The thought that anyone with a gun can kill innocents with no way of defending themselves is sickening. All it took were a few minutes to wipe out the dreams and aspirations of 17 innocent lives. I shudder to imagine the plight of family and friends on hearing the tragic news that their loved one is no more. 

Moving forward in the wake of the tragedy will not be easy. I have started appreciating the small joys of life. I am even more grateful to be with family and friends. It was not easy to talk about this terrible shooting event, but the March for Our Lives Event was an event that will change people’s thought processes and lead to positive change. Donate here