Men’s Fashion Week Paris


Its always been a dream of mine to attend paris fashion week. Since I have yet to attend I will just fill you guys in with my some of my favorite shows. It’s that time of year again, Paris Fashion Week for Men, Haute Couture Shows, then the Women’s Shows just wrapping up at the beginning of March. All the biggest names in fashion converge on the city of lights for fabulous spectacles all around the city. Vuitton, McQueen, Kenzo, Valentino, and Dior are the stars that you expect at any big fashion show.



One of the most notable, trendsetting designers this year is Demna Gvasalia of Vetements. A much newer brand, each year he surprises the audience with the latest collection.

He called the show this year “The Elephant in the Room” which refers to his influence while working at house Margiela. Martin Margiela was known to take clothes from flea markets and combine then into a newly-designed outfit. This spirit of layering and mixing of patterns was a big part of the 2018 show, as a sort of homage to Margiela.

Oversized jackets, crumpled suits, cut t-shirts with graphics, and large baggy layers were the focus for the men’s line for Fall 2018.



Vetements is a big contrast to the latest H&M line, which is all about Japanese influence and the minimalist approach. Held at the Musée Arts Décoratifs, attendees were strewn with cherry blossom petals and overshadowed by large Japanese lanterns over the runway. Both the men’s and women’s line are about simple, clean lines. For the men, the color range is white, tan, black, and deep green. The jackets are not too tight and or too loose. They look wearable. A pop of personality here and there such as the snakeskin ankle boots were a classic added touch (which I ordered ASAP). The collection went live while the show was on and most pieces have sold out.



Finally, a little about the Gucci 2018 line. Leave it to Gucci to go all out pretty much every year. This year is no exception. Alessandro Michele put it all out to the fashion worshippers who soak in every morsel of the ostentatious, outrageous, with a little classic mixed in.

For the men, it is a mix of androgynous with overly masculine, such as the placement of a New York Yankees hat and more ladylike housecoat, as an example. Other notable menswear from the show is the juxtaposition of the tailored suit with a flamboyant ‘70’s sequin chevron-patterned jacket over the top of it. It is surprisingly grounding when outrageous accessorizing is combined with a classic outfit.