The Benefits of Using Aquaphor

There are so many skin products available, it can be hard to find an all-around moisturizer for the face and body. Using an individual product for eyes, face, neck, and legs can clutter your bathroom and cost a fortune. Aquaphor is an amazing all-around product that you can use in lots of ways. Here are just a few. Some may surprise you!


1. Soothe dry, flaky skin

With air conditioning, the skin needs conditioning, too, otherwise it can become dry and flaky. Taking a hot shower feels great on a cold day, but that can dry out the skin even more.

Slather on some Aquaphor after a shower or bath. The moisture will lock in to help relieve skin dryness.


2.   Use as a lip exfoliator

Mix the Aquaphor with some brown sugar and apply to the lips. It will slough away the dead skin, readying the lips for treatment.


3. Moisturize lips

This is my FAVE tip! Aquaphor is a great lip moisturizer. It will take care of dryness and soothe chapped or cracked lips. It can add some shine, too, and keep your lips looking as healthy as they will feel.


4. Soften a red nose

Have a red, irritated nose from that cold that just won’t go away? Apply Aquaphor to soothe the skin around the nose. It will remove embarrassing redness and make you feel better, too.


5. Prevent fine lines

Maybe you’re not too concerned about those fine lines just yet, but Aquaphor is a low cost way to keep them away. Apply to the entire face or just around the eyes, mouth, and forehead to see the difference.


6. Tame those eyebrows

Something simple and easy to do for those with larger-than-life eyebrows: put a dab of Aquaphor on a Q-tip and trace your eyebrow. This will keep the hairs in line without leaving a trace.


7. Fix your flyaways and split ends

Maybe you haven’t had a chance to get to the hairdresser or your hair tends to frizz out? Rub a dab of Aquaphor between your hands, and apply to split ends or wherever you have those annoying little hairs that stick out. Fast and easy as you get ready for going out.


It’s incredible the number of uses there are with just a simple container of Aquaphor. It is gentle enough to use on the face, neck, and hands, while offering healing and protection to dry, irritated skin. It is an excellent prevention for fine lines and wrinkles. And it can make your hair look great, too!


Save yourself from a cabinet full of unnecessary lotions and potions. Try Aquaphor instead it's available at all drugstores.