Yeezy Season 6 Collection


Over the last six seasons, K West’s vision for his YEEZY fashion label seems to be rooted in re-affirming our sense of humanity.

As compared with the designs of Alessandro Michele with Gucci, or Rick Owens’ extravagant drapery, the YEEZY collection always brings us right back to the base level. In highlighting the human form in natural, earthy tones, the clothing says, ‘this is what you look like, you aren’t anything special, you are merely someone who can spend a ton of money on clothing,’ and that is okay.

For someone who has an ego as overstated as West’s, it’s where YEEZY’s designs surprise us. Rather than turning its wearers into an uber-mensch version of themselves, they reduce them to their most vulnerable self, to just -- a person.

West has worked hard at this. We’ve seen a sneaker collection with Louis Vuitton, two shows at Paris Fashion Week, and an internship with Fendi, the first YEEZYs, the abandoned Pastelle line, and the first season of the new fashion label as an Adidas Originals collaboration in 2015.

West's style is minimalist, and derivative of designers like Martin Margiela and Helmet Lang. Initially, YEEZY was met with confusion, adulation, and derision. The seasons that followed continuously divided opinion to different degrees. However, unlike most labels that are started by rappers, this collection has endured.

Even though West is hailed by most as an experimenter and innovator with his music, his YEEZY aesthetic has remained pretty much the same since its introduction. At this point, it is almost formulaic. Does it appear like a uniform for dystopian Hollywood elites? Yes. Does it appear luxurious, yet also very plain? Yes. Can we expect neutral tones? Oh, yes.

As with the first YEEZY collection, its overall appearance mimics prior seasons with form-fitting cuts, absent branding, as well as unisex athleisurewear styles, all within a spectrum of charcoal, dusty blue, and beige.

A single item that stood out from Season 6 was the glacier flannel lined canvas jacket that has distressed edges and a contrasting brown collar. Amongst the /Calabasas collection, standouts are a 3-pack of Calabasas socks and a hooded plaid flannel.

Items from the season 6 collection are reasonably priced, especially when compared with the exorbitant pricing points we have seen in previous seasons. It's taken some doing, but YEEZY has finally established itself as something we can all buy into.

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