Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare Line


Dr. Barbara Sturm, a specialist in molecular cosmetics and aesthetic medicine developed the collection based on her philosophy that a person’s skincare products ought to nurture and repair it. To do that, these products ought to be free of preservatives, mineral oils, and fragrance.

According to Dr. Sturm, skin cells have to be protected and nourished, so she formulates her products using only those ingredients that have been proven to be potent antioxidants in clinical trials. As well as fighting oxidation, the ingredients of her skincare range fight inflammation and aging, while also promoting deep hydration and cellular renewal. Her products work for both light and darker skin tones. 

There are thirteen products in all, making the range well-rounded, though concise. There is an eye cream, three different serums, a cleanser, two different face creams, a facial scrub, innovative SPF drops, as well as a few more buys such as a mask she originally formulated with Cher inside her kitchen.

Dr Sturm's eye cream was developed after obtaining numerous patient requests for one. To create her Super Anti-Aging Serum, she loaded the hyaluronic serum with anti-aging ingredients. She believes the serum is an outstanding base for all anti-aging ingredients.

The serums are effective in smoothing and hydrating sensitive and reactionary skin. One of my favorites is the calming serum. The Calming Serum is excellent for rosy complexions. It is a thin, milky liquid that melts into the skin and will dampen down inflammation and redness. It also strengthens your skin's defense mechanisms, reducing reactions and burning.

The Calming Serum will work wonders against irritation, redness, and rosacea. You will start to see results less than a minute after application. If you put the serum on your skin and peer into the mirror, the redness visibly fades. It's also fantastic for looking after your skin following too much sun exposure, as a healing serum for scars, for mosquito bites, and post-shaving and waxing. 

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