How to Get Rid of Back Acne


Recently I have started to notice a few little bumps on my back. I did some researching and wanted to share with you guys a few of my tips on how I'm getting rid of my back acne. A lot of acne sufferers can eliminate or reduce their symptoms by making a few lifestyle changes and using some home remedies. Here are a few suggestions on how to improve back acne.


Shower immediately after working out

This is one of the tips I have put in my schedule since I have started working out. While it's safe to assume that acne sufferers are not careless with their personal hygiene, many do not realize that washing ASAP after working out can help. Allowing the dirt and sweat to sit on your skin can add to acne symptoms.



Make use of a soft exfoliating scrub that has ingredients like salicylic acid that removes extra oils and dirt from the skin. It will help to reduce the quantity of dead skin that can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and can clog your pores.


Dress in loose-fitting clothes

Your exercise habits might irritate back acne. For instance, tight clothes may trap sweat and dirt and rub it into the pores. Exercising without a shirt on a dirty floor or against a sweaty gym machine, also can lead to problems. Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows the skin to breathe and aid in wicking away sweat.


Invest in tea tree oil

This essential oil is harvested from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. Australians have used tea tree oil to treat a variety of skin problems for centuries. It’s possible to find many cleansers, lotions, and creams that use tea tree oil. I find a lot of products with tea tree oil in whole foods or the fresh market.


Keep your hair off your back

For the gals or dudes with long hair, if you wear your hair long, bear in mind that it might be adding dirt and oil to your back’s skin. This can cause acne outbreaks. Regularly wash your hair and put it in a ponytail or bun while exercising. Don’t let shampoo or conditioner run down your back. Some of the ingredients in hair products might contribute to clogged pores.


Choose sunscreen carefully

Since summer is coming up protecting the skin from damaging sun is critical, particularly if you are exposing your bare back. However, greasy sunscreen will also contribute to clogged pores. Be certain that you select products which are light on the skin and oil-free.


Consume healthy foods

An unhealthy diet might affect our bodies in various ways. If you are susceptible to acne, specific foods might be triggers. Studies show that foods that are high on the GI (glycemic index), which means they cause the blood sugar to rise very rapidly, might make acne worse. Such food sources include sugar, white bread, white rice, and pasta.

Acne can be a terrible problem. It can be painful, and you can become very self-conscious. I know that people with acne are sometimes teased or falsely accused of being unclean. Know that severe acne may require medical treatment and you should reach out to your dermatologist, but there are lots of things most people can do to help themselves starting today. Try some of the tips in this post. Be patient. Patience is key with acne. As well as potentially reducing your acne, following the advice here will also make you look and feel great.


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