H&M x Moschino

On the 11/8/18, I had my alarm set in anticipation of the launch of H&M’s new designer collaboration. This year, they’ve teamed up with the world famous designer - Jeremy Scott - to bring his Moschino label to the high street.

 I expect to see people queueing around the block to get their hands on one of the iconic pieces. The range features Moschino’s trademark logo-heavy, bold, brash, and blingy designs with kitsch hip hop and cartoon culture references. For anyone truly looking to stand out from the crowd, this range is for you.

 The men’s collection is black heavy, featuring a lot of gold chain detail and cartoon iconography. I particularly like the bomber jacket with its retro CD pattern. Team it up with the black leather baseball cap with gold chain detail and you’re good to go!

 If that’s too bling for you, there’s plenty of apparel with famous cartoon characters to choose from. A favorite of mine is the red mesh T-shirt emblazoned with a motif of Donald Duck Dj’ing.

 Moschino isn’t known for its subtlety. The leather bib overalls and incredible gold sequinned down jacket are available for any man wishing to make a bold statement.

 The ladies collection is worth a mention, too, as it’s equally flashy and luxurious. You’ve got to love the patent shoulder bag in the style of a condom packet. Women in your life can also enjoy the classic cartoon motifs. The bold pink merino wool dress shows Mini Mouse at her best.

 I especially love that pets haven’t been left out. Kit out your fashion conscious pooch in a padded dog jacket and accessorize with the gold logo detailed dog leash.

 So, was this year’s launch worth the wait and the anticipation? Yes. They haven’t failed to deliver on their promises and there have been some enjoyable surprises as well.

 There’s much more to this collection than people might expect, including accessories, shoes, boots, and underwear, all featuring Moschino’s bold and edgy designs. It’s also great that the collection is available online, as well as in select stores throughout the US.

  I’m pretty certain this iconic collection will sell out quickly, so make sure you get your hands on a piece of history and make your statement before its to late