Thanksgiving Dinner Table



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because the whole family comes over. Planning out Thanksgiving with my mom is something I look forward to do every year. Decorating a table is a fantastic way to showcase your style, but it’s also a useful thing to know how to do in general. Thanksgiving aside: dates, meetings, special occasions – you can make them your own by understanding what makes a table work.

Here are the main elements to consider when decorating a table:



The centerpiece is the main ingredient. If you don’t have time to do anything else, do this. Getting kids involved in putting this together will also help to entertain them and make them feel useful.

Generally, a centerpiece should not stand at head height unless you decide that would be useful. The shape of your table will play a part in the design. A long thin table, for example, needs a long, thin centerpiece. A round or oval table can have something much more bombastic. Flowers are traditional, but anything natural and seasonal can be used; autumn leaves, acorns, and cinnamon sticks are all nice touches.

You can make centerpieces from photographs, fish bowls, candy, and glasses – anything that will catch the eye and make the table elegant and festive.


Color Scheme

There are a ton of choices for a table’s color scheme. Being Thanksgiving, pumpkin orange should feature in there somewhere. Succulents are trending at the moment. Their cool, pale greens are a nice contrast to hot orange.



Tablecloths and napkins are an essential part of table décor. Nothing can beat the class of a heavy damask base cloth, but it’s Thanksgiving, so you can have fun with this. A paper overlay where people have written messages of gratitude is a fantastic way to get people in the right frame of mind, set a positive tone, and start conversations.



You can never have too many candles! If the family silver isn’t up to the job, candles stuck in apples and pumpkins will look great.


Place cards

These can also be made by kids or professionally printed. Personalizing them will make people feel special and show off your flair. It also means that you get to decide who sits where.

  Putting yourself in charge of Thanksgiving dinner table décor will win you serious kudos with whoever is hosting the event. It also puts you in charge of the table! A massive centerpiece between you and someone you don’t want to talk to? Done. Or between that couple who always bicker? You’ve got this.

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