Moving Tips

This summer I moved apartments and I wanted to share with you some tips that helped make the moving process so much faster. For most people, moving out is one part excitement and three parts stress. Let’s face it, we all love the feeling of a new beginning in a new place; the problem is getting there. After packing (the worst part) and paying for the move, we are left less enthusiastic about the whole endeavor.

This is why I thought of sharing some moving tips that will not only help you save some cash but also may make the experience less stressful.

1.    Plan ahead
Getting your boxes beforehand is a great idea. You can find free boxes at grocery stores, warehouses, and - believe it or not - even on Craigslist! If you plan ahead, you can save some cash.

2.    Spring cleaning
Moving is a great moment to assess what we really need in our lives. If you can minimize the stuff you take with you, you’ve got less to worry about, right? I definitely got rid of some clothes and shoes I want going to wear anymore.

3.    Get organized
Try writing down a plan with set goals. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed and it will help motivate you. 

Take a picture of your electronics setup before packing - it helps minimize time when you’re reassembling your setup in your new location.

4.    Organize items
Label everything. Make sure you have a system and stick to it. It will be tough in the beginning and you may be tempted to just throw a bunch of random stuff in a box. Don’t. Remember, moving is not just about moving out, but also moving in. Take some time to think about the future you, staring at several dozen boxes with no labels and wondering where the coffee maker is. 

Use a labeling system and you’ll settle into your new place more quickly.

5.    The Fragile stuff
Remember to take extra care when packing your plates and fragile stuff. You can combine clothes between plates and glasses to help lessen the shock of the move.

6.    Be creative
any hacks exist to save time and effort when moving. One great idea is to plastic wrap your drawer with the things still inside. This saves time and you don’t need to redo your drawers in the new place.

Plan, organize, and don’t panic. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your new place and wondering what all the fuss was about. Also huge shoutout to my mom who helped me move and redecorate my entire apartment in 2 days!!