Lymphatic Drainage for Your Skin

Lymphatic drainage is something I learned about recently it helps remove excess liquid from your skin, removing toxins, stimulating blood flow and circulation while tightening the skin.

Staying healthy and looking young can be an expensive, full-time occupation, necessitating a plethora of exotic products, but that doesn’t need to be the case. The youthful look people strive for actually comes from being healthy and taking care of one’s body and skin. This is the surest way to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing skin tone.

Lymphatic drainage is one of the most important techniques to use when taking care of skin. It is very during facial massages but also for swollen and tired skin on the rest of the body.


So how do you go about draining your skin of excess liquids? 

You can always go to a professional for a lymphatic drainage massage. This option is very effective and is a sure way to help rejuvenate the skin. Unfortunately, this type of royal treatment can be pricey. 

So, here are a few self-help techniques that are effective but won’t overburden your wallet. MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a simplified self-massage technique that works wonders and it can be used to treat most affected areas in your body.

1.    Facial:Use your fingertips to press and move the skin in a particular direction gently. The idea is to gently compress the skin tissue to start the pumping effect and drain the skin underneath. Keep pulling and massaging the skin in a circular and downward direction. After about 10 minutes of working on your face, repeat the process in the neck area as well. Keep massaging downwards in the direction of the heart.

2.    Arms and legs: skin in the extremities are prone to swelling as well, especially in those hot summer months. The way to go about draining them is a bit more intensive than when working with the face due to the greater skin surface that needs to be treated.

Start by massaging the skin from swollen to less so. Start from the hand and move upwards. In case of the leg, start at the foot and move towards the hips. Massage slowly and push the excess liquid upwards so that it can be effectively evacuated from the body.


Once you start, don’t stop until you finish the technique! If you stop part way through your massage, the liquid that you’ve managed to push upwards will work its way back down due to the effect of gravity.

It’s important to remain hydrated before and after using these techniques. Water helps in the draining process. Deep, relaxing breathing exercises are a plus, too, as they help relax the body and favor drainage. Below are some of my fave at home beauty tools that help