How to Wear Bow Ties

Whether it’s for a prom or you’re just looking to spruce up your outfit, the bow tie is the ultimate statement accessory. It’s classy, it’s snazzy, it’s just the coolest tie you’ll ever see.

These are some of the reasons that bow ties are still with us today. In every age and time, people have found reasons to get rid of the humble bow tie, but it held out thanks to its many fans. 

One of the main turn-offs for bow tie haters is their inability to tie them. Don’t be a hater. Let’s talk bow ties and how to wear them.

Tying the tie takes time and practice, but it’s not that difficult to understand. There are many videos that will help tie your bow tie; the main thing is to choose a style. 

Choosing a Bow Tie:

Each style of bow tie has its particular charm. The one you like will depend on your taste and the occasion. Here are four popular styles. 

·      Butterfly: the classic of bow ties, this is the one we all know. It’s the kind seen at proms and at formal occasions.

·      Big butterfly: larger than the traditional butterfly and suited for men with larger neck sizes, this style also rocks at formal occasions.

·      Bat wing: AKA the “straight” bow tie. The ends look like oars or a flattened cricket bat. This model is more modern and casual, though it can still work in a formal setting, adding a playful touch to the occasion.

·      Diamond point: the name says it all; this tie has pointy, narrow ends, which gives an asymmetric look when tied.


If you’ve tied your tie properly, the ends should line up in an imaginary line to the edge of your temples. It should be tight, but not suffocating. And, of course, it needs to be straight.

When wearing a bow tie, remember some basics. Never match tie and pocket square - it’s just not done. And even though bow ties are meant to be worn with crisp white shirts, don’t be afraid to splash some color - they can do wonders worn with a patterned shirt.


Have fun wearing your bow tie. Remember, it’s the coolest tie in the world. If you don’t believe me, ask 007.