4 Reasons You Need Laser Hair Removal … Like Today!

Let’s get straight to it. Laser hair removal needs to happen, fast. Here’s why:


Lasered Hair Doesn’t Grow Back – Especially Where You Can’t Reach.

While back hair can be sexy, no one wants to date a werewolf. Unfortunately, shaving or waxing your own back isn’t that easy. You miss a few spots. You leave a few cuts. And the rash? Oh, my God – the rash!

It isn’t always easy to schedule an appointment with your best friend to help you out, and asking your significant other kinda defeats the purpose. In this case, laser hair treatment is an absolute savior. Not only does your hair stay gone, but you don’t have to worry about patching in places that can make or break a date.

Note that hair not growing back means that you won’t be itching from hair regrowth. You’ll also save a fortune on razors and waxes. And you can stop fantasizing about those tacky back scratchers in souvenir shops.


Say Good-Bye to In-Grown Hairs!

Oh, yes! The nasty in-grown hair that everyone secretly waits to pop! They’re itchy. They’re painful. They’re hideous.

With laser treatment, we don’t need to worry about in-grown hair issues. Removing your hairs means death to the follicle.

Let’s say it again: “Death to the follicle!”


Waxing Can Bruise and Pull – Over and Over

While laser treatment can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000, you’re forking out cash every few weeks to be waxed and you will for the rest of your life unless you find a new solution. Hint: it’s laser hair removal.

Getting an inexperienced staff member could mean painful sessions, bruising, and pulling. And most salons don’t refund you, even if you are complaining of internal bleeding. If you’re still being brutalized by wax sessions, you might as well use your dollars to replace your Charmin.


Save Time and Be More Spontaneous

Save time by skipping the tweeze and scheduled waxing. Save your money.

With a little extra cash, you deserve to get out more. And with a hair-free physique, you don’t have to worry about going home first to shave or wax. This means, more time at the beach, more time at the pool, and the ability to wear whatever you want in public. Well, maybe not whatever you want.

Most importantly, you won’t have to come up with an excuse when someone invites you out on the fly.

You’re supposed to change your razor every two weeks or so. Why wait? Ditch the razor and go laser.  Below are my favorite places to get laser treatments in Miami and LA.