Silk Pillowcases

So, as ya'll know I'm a skin care freak. One of the BIGGEST things people don't even think about that affects our skin is pillowcases. Mostly everyone just uses the pillowcases that come in the set of bedsheets, and they don't think to get a specific one for their skin. Well, let me give you some insight on why you should be considering doing so:

1: Softer, healthier looking skin. It provides a (for lack of a better term) silky effect to the skin, by moisturizing it while sleeping, and it honestly has changed my life. 

2: It's hypoallergenic. I mean, who doesn't want to say their pillowcase is hypoallergenic! Besides, it prevents any possible irritation from cotton pillowcases. 

3: It prevents wrinkles and is a great anti-aging secret. It keeps the skin ultra hydrated over night when our bodies are sleeping and recovering. 

4: It's great for your hair, too! Since the silk pillowcase is much smoother than a cotton one, your hair doesn't get damaged as easily overnight. When we toss and turn we're actually being pretty rough on our hair, so if we give it a much smoother surface to move on, then it won't cause any additional damage.

I honestly couldn't imagine my life without my silk pillowcase. I take it with me to hotels, and have one in every bed I sleep in regularly (why does that sound so weird?!) Anyways, you should most definitely try it out for yourself and let me know your experiences in the comment section?! Shop the pillowcases by clicking the images down below