Fyre Festival Or Fyre Fraud?

Sooooooooo, where do I begin. Our day started at the butt crack o dawn (in other words, 330AM). We get to Miami International Airport where we were told we'd be getting our Fyre bands. They said "it's not up and running yet, go to the island and they will give it to you there." That probably should've been the first red flag, but at 330AM, all I was seeing was pillows and sheets. We board the plane and are about to take off, when they announce there is no power on the island and we have to wait for them to regain it. At this point even my mom caught on and said "this might be a sign to not go." Oh well, YOLO, right? 

We finally arrive in the Exumas (this is not a private island by the way), only to be taken to a public beach about 25 minutes away from the airport. They let us know the rain had ruined the set up and they needed to hold us here until they were able to get up and running again. Well, it took 9+ hours to do so. They gave us free tequila and rosé (full bottles to be exact) in the hopes that this would entertain us and we wouldn't complain. It worked for a few hours, but after the 6th hour people were starting to get antsy. 

Come 7pm, we finally get word that shuttles are coming to pick us up and transport us to the site, 4 buses came and gone and we weren't able to get a seat. Hunger games, anyone?! I don't volunteer as tribute. We took a private taxi and made it. Yay! Not. 

We arrive to yet another disaster, having to wait 45 minutes-1 hour for our wrist bands. Mind you, people that arrived after us already got their bands, but those who arrived at 530 & 730AM had to get them dead last! The disorganization consumed me. 

We get to our tents to find the last and final straw. Soaking wet floors and no pillows on the beds. I even saw people carrying their own mattresses to their tents!!!! 

Final thoughts: hell to the no. This was way hyped by the marketing team, and it was nothing short of a disaster. They should have spent more time and thought on the actual set up then making people's expectations higher than the sky. Requested a refund and no questions were asked. We are hoping to get on the next available flight out of here tomorrow.

 'til next time, TL