4 Benefits of a Spray Tan That Even a Millenial Can’t Deny

Spring is officially here! And, while it might not feel like it just yet, there is no escaping the onslaught of events headed your way. From music festivals to prom, & graduations, you are required to look your best and be your best at all times.

Whether you’re on Spring Break or gearing up for Spring Training, now is the time to transition from ghost into Gosling. A good ol’ spray is perfect when transitioning to the rays, as you prepare to head out to the beach for the summer.


No cancer and no burn.

No one wants scaly skin or sunburn. Both of these are bound to happen if you’re not immune to the harsh rays of UVA, which age us, and UVB, which can burn like hell.

Likewise, no one, regardless of melanin density or ability to tan like a god, is immune to skin cancer. If you’re going to be in the sun, lather up on the sunscreen. Skip the peel and bronze like there’s no tomorrow. Your skin will thank you!


Moisturize without looking “soft.”

No one wants to rub on your chest if it’s snowing all over the bed.

Many of today’s salon quality sprays and lotions have more than bronzers in them. Most have deep tissue moisturizers that help your tan last, while keeping your skin luxurious.

Spray tans not only moisturize but they also highlight and tone. They will illuminate your post workout body. Bronzers will make you look more manly, showing more “chisel.”


It’s instant.

You can visit a salon and see results within a few hours. If you’d rather do it from home, grab a bottle of tanning lotion and lather up. As soon as it absorbs, you will start to see color and it will last several weeks.

You’ve been working overtime, so you haven’t had a chance to catch rays. But you have a few minutes on your lunch break. Get in a few spray tanning sessions during the weeks and come summertime you ‘ll have an awesome, wholesome tan.


Keep Casper on your TV, not in your photos.

With all kinds of events and group functions, you can bet on one thing. There is always someone with a camera fully-charged and shooting aimlessly at the crowd.

Consider spray tan your insurance policy. You may not have time to tan naturally, but that’s no excuse for disappearing when you stand with a wall behind you.

How embarrassing is it, when all your friends are glowing from head-to-toe, and you are hiding behind the flash?

You don’t have to look like a model, but spray tan can save you from comments about how sick you look on Facebook.


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