Braid's & Buns

For Coachella, my friend Lauren aka "Elle" created this cool braids and bun look on my cousin Michele. She gave me all the deets so I can share them with you guys:


1. Start off by spraying IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray. This will give your hair some grit and texture. Create a mohawk section on top of head to the crown - doesn't have to be perfect! Actually looks cuter when it's a little messy! 
2. Dutch braid mohawk section. Tip: do an inside out braid, meaning the braid sits on top of the hair, so it gives it the boho look!

3. Seal the braid with a small rubber band, creating a pony
4. Gently pull apart the braid. Don't be afraid to mess it up a bit! 
5. Wrap ponytail hair around outside of the rubber band and secure with bobby pins
6. Curl left out hair with 1.25 inch curling iron leaving the ends out! 
7. Finish the look with some texture spray
8. Voila! 

Lauren works at 901 Salon in LA and is so talented!! Check out her work below: 

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