I'm pretty sure most of us have heard of cryotherapy (or have seen it on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), but don't ACTUALLY know what it is or its benefits. Basically it's a crazy spaceship-looking machine that produces an extremely cold (like really, really, cold: about -100°F to -274°F to be exact) dry air. The full treatment time is 3 minutes, but unless you're Superman/woman most first-timers won't make it through the full 3 minutes (including myself). 

So here's what went down:
My friend and I decided that we wanted to try it out so we visited Cyro Healthcare (they're everywhere in LA!) They gave me a robe, knee-high socks, and gloves. Once I was mentally, physically, and emotionally ready, I stepped into the machine and Ashley (my cryotherapy expert, aka the girl that worked there) started the machine. Holy sh**! I died! Not literally guys, don't worry. The initial shock of the cold air really gets you, but after that it just kind of becomes OK, tolerable. I was in there for about 75 seconds, and I have to say, when I was done I felt great. It gave me an instant boost of energy and I felt like I could conquer the world. 

Some benefits:
1. It helps with inflammation and the repair of damaged tissue (who wants to be swollen and damaged, am I right?!)
2. Increases performance levels (I guess that's why I thought I could conquer the world)
3. Increases metabolism (you definitely burn [or freeze] calories in there)
4. Reduces chronic pain (luckily I don't have any chronic pain but maybe its preventative too!)
5. Happiness boost (come to think of it, the song "Happy" popped in my head right after)
6. Boosts collagen (this will keep me young forever!)

I hope my experience gave you major FOMO so you can try it out for yourself!