Topman Pants  Gucci Princetown Slipper

Topman Pants

Gucci Princetown Slipper

White For Spring/Summer

Spring time is approaching so that means its time to start planing your white on white outfits. Do we really have to wait till Memorial Day to wear white? I think not! You can start of by adding grey to your whites. There’s a lot of grey-mix color in this year’s fashion. Adding some grey to any strong color and then making it a little darker creates soft, rich, warm shades. That’s where this year’s palette is going. Combining these colors with white notes, say a cap or t-shirt, makes them seem extra luxurious.

A few designers have opted for the slightly softer ‘stone.’ Whether they’re yellowy/brown stones, or they hold a touch of grey/blue, they’re all very pale: only a couple of shades from true white. This also works wonders with the deeper colors in this year’s collections. On tanned and dark skin, they are fantastic, but only in moderation. The exception to this is the very pale salmon which was popular in some of this year’s collections. However, even when it’s named after a fish, it’s essentially pink, and in a different category of style and color altogether.


Still, the all white look is also making a clean showing.This is my favorite look for spring whites, but for something a bit less posh, a long white T-shirt will give the same effect for a fraction of the price.

But remember white is white so whatever you’re wearing should be comfortable enough to run away from friendly dogs or cats. There’s nothing worse than white clothing that are covered in muddy paw prints and fur.

Here are some of my fave white pieces: