Packing "Light"

So, I'm leaving to NYC this week, and I'm trying (emphasis on trying) to pack light. I always struggle with the thought that my bag will be overweight, so I decided to pack light enough not to have worry about that for once. Here are a few things I'm taking with me in my bag: 

1: Airborne: this is like my bible when I travel. I always take one a day about a week leading up to my trip. These are loaded with vitamin c  help boost your immune system. 

2: Alexander Mcqueen shoes: these are pretty universal and match with anything I wear. They're trendy and comfortable (which is so important since I'll be concurring the concrete jungle). 

3: Cotton Citizen grey dust sweat set and some Off-White & Arthur George socks to keep my feet warm. This is a go to comfortable yet chic outfit and will be perfect for NYC! 

4: Black Quay "High Key" sunglasses, because, who doesn't need sunglasses?!