Planning a trip to the "City of Stars?" Well you're in the right place! Here are some of the dopest spots out there:



Urth Caffe

Here's your go-to on-the-go lunch spot. Their green tea boba (blended) is nothing short of orgasmic. They also have a mean mac and cheese when you're in the mood to splurge. This is definitely in my top 5.

Blue Jam Cafe

The breakfast here is bomb! The wait though, not so much. You definitely want to get here early to beat the crowd. Once you've made it, you should order the berry french toast. They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eh?

Malibu Farms

Malibu is known for dynamite views, beach blondes, and surfer dudes. Hit up this spot and you'll most likely experience all 3. Oh, and the food's not too bad either!

Nobu Malibu 

Are you obsessed with sushi as much as I am? Then you'll die over this place. The sushi is beyond fresh, they basically just grabbed it from the Pacific. Make a reservation during the sunset, so you can experience beauty at its finest. 

Catch LA

I already know my chic followers know why Catch is one of my favorite spots. Ever since it opened up in LA, I've basically become part owner. This is a celeb hot spot, and reservations book up quickly. Get in while it's hot!




The Grove

The Grove has to be one of my favorite malls in LA. The outdoor stores allow you to spend the day shopping while getting some Vitamin D. There's everything from Topshop to Sephora, and dozens of stores in between. There's also a nearby farmer's market which has a bunch of homemade goodies when you're feeling super organic. 

Rodeo Drive

If you're down to splurge, then you should pass by Barney's. They're obvs known for carrying high end clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories. This store is so big that you might get lost, but in this case, wouldn't that be a good thing?!


My cousin actually introduced me to this store, and I instantly fell in love. It's a consignment store where you can find great vintage pieces, and they're all in great condition. I always find the dopest tees there. You should definitely check it out!




Hit me cake dessert from Catch LA

Hit me cake dessert from Catch LA



After traveling, you may want to refresh yourself. Here are some great places that can help you do that:

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville has saved my life. Their facials are basically heaven on Earth, I definitely recommend them. Check out the ones that have LED light systems, research shows they have a ton of benefits!

Cienega Med Spa

I love this place! It's located so close to me that I'm probably there way more than I should be. My favorite thing is the IV drips: they have so many different options with different benefits. I usually like getting an IV drip before I travel, as this helps boost my immune system before flying (aka entering a circulating pool of germs -_-)

Sun Kissed by Jenni

Ever seen someone with a bad spray tan? Yeah, I know, its not cute. I've gotten a few of those myself. Sun Kissed by Jenni is by far my favorite place in LA for a spray tan, they look super natural while still giving you the bronzed goddess effect. 

Meche Salon 

We all need a great hairstylist!! While you're in LA, visit the guys and gals at Meche salon! They are well known for their bomb hair cuts, hair styles, and color. You'll get the full Meche experience!

Nine Zero One

If you're a dude that needs a haircut/trim, this is a great place to go. Florido always hooks me up. For the ladies, they specialize in all things braids, so you can stay on trend while vacationing. 

Getting an IV drip at the Cienega Med Spa

Getting an IV drip at the Cienega Med Spa


When you're on the run and need a quick pick me up, here are the places to go:


When I first moved to LA, I was so obsessed with this place I would literally go everyday. I'm not even kidding, the waiters and I were on a first-name basis. They're known for their shots and syringes: there's a wide variety from the "Feel Better" to the "Beauty" shot/syringe which are jam-packed with different vitamins and ingredients. They're so fun and actually work!

Backyard Bowls

Who doesn't love bowls?! They leave you feeling so fresh and fulfilled. The berry bowl is one of my favs, but they're all so good you really can't go wrong. 

Pearls Tea

Not sure about you, but tea has become one of my favorite things in the past year. From Matcha tea toThe Hochatta Milk Boba tea, I basically will go insane if I don't have one at least once a week. The fun thing about it is trying/discovering new flavors, you never know, they may bring new meaning to your life (or not, whatevz). 



Doheny Room

If you're one of my avid Snapchat followers, you'll know that I'm basically here every weekend. The music is on point, the people are nice, and overall has great vibes. You should swing by one night, and we might run into each other! Drinks on you!!

Laurel Hardware

If you're in a lounge-y mood, Laurel Hardware is the place to go. They have delish drinks and food, a super chic layout, and chill atmosphere. I love this place!

1 Oak

1 Oak is a chain of clubs and the one in LA is a hot spot. Lots of celeb appearances, and great music. I'm sure you won't remember most of the night anyways, so does it really matter?

No Vacancy 

I recently discovered this place and loved my experience. It's not your typical club, but since I don't want to spoil anything you'll just have to take my word for it. C'mon, have I steered you wrong yet? Didn't think so.