Men's Hair Styles For 2017

Men’s hair styles for 2017

Men’s hair styling for 2017 is all about sharp lines and textures that transition from one extreme to another. I personally love getting my hair textured. The sharp divisions of texture are reflected in the ‘growing out’ style of coloring this year. Generally, short hair styles are sharp, and long hair styles are loose but not chaotic. Style is ‘in’ and 2017 is going to be one smart year!


The quiff styles of 2016 will remain a feature of 2017 hair fashions, but are tightening up to something more upright and formal: the pompadour. The pompadour is essentially a short back and sides, but with a lot of body, or pomp, to the hair at the front. What’s nice about this style is its flexibility: it can be left floppy on a relaxed day, or styled to an upright quiff, or slicked back. Expect all three styles to be extremely popular.  





Fades, where short hair gradually transitions to shaved, don’t look to be going anywhere either. Asymmetry is still in for 2017, but it’s neat and sharply defined by side parts. Surgical parts, where a line of hair is shaved for a very definite start line, are getting wider. And there’s less emphasis on complex shaved patterns, but they haven’t disappeared completely. Simple double lines are likely to remain popular.

Fades are being used to give some nice, pointy ‘V’ shapes at the back of the head and are also climbing higher up the sides of the skull. This creates undercuts for a mohawkey look, that can get a bit tousled on top.

Men’s hair has taken a leap forward with more interesting styling on television. What people have watched is coming out of the tops of their heads. Vikings, Peaky Blinders, and Game of Thrones are still very influential. The exception is orange toupes that try to attack your forehead. If you do want a little dictator kitsch, the Caesar is getting a lot of love in 2017; it’s a great style for short hair because it will define the brow, nose and chin very nicely.

Also man buns are still a popular choice but the good news for younger, cleaner-shaven men, is that the man bob is ambling back into fashion and glaring at the world from behind its fringe.