Snapchat Spectacles


Q: What are Snapchat Spectacles and how do they work?

A: These glasses are fun, but they’re also more than that. We’re talking about something pretty special here.

If you don’t already know, Snapchat Spectacles allow you to record video in 10-second increments and save them to your Snapchat memories for sharing later. Once the video is in Snapchat, you can edit it like any other snap.

It’s a great way to capture the world and your place in it, without having to miss a moment fumbling for your phone. The spectacles work hands-free and phone-free. Start recording using the button on the top left corner.

If you use Snapchat, you’re going to want a pair of these. If you don’t use Snapchat, you might be converted.

Q: Okay, but how do they look?

A: They are well-designed. Available in three colors (stunning coral, classic black, and cool teal), they have the ability to make pretty much anyone look good in them.

If you already wear glasses, though, don’t put these over them. That’s not a look that’s going to work for anyone.

The lens is clearly visible on one side and an LED light is obvious on the other side. That’s because they are not clumsily hidden. They are a bold feature of the design. The light even comes on to show everyone when you’re recording, which makes them less creepy than might otherwise be the case. Another light that faces inwards comes on to confirm that you are recording.

Pairing Snapchat Spectacles 

Pairing Snapchat Spectacles 

Q: Are they practical?

A: These spectacles will be great for any Snapchat users. They are ideal for sporty types and thrill-seekers. You’ll be able to go out and get some incredible POV shots of you skateboarding, cycling, or on the basketball court. They won’t fall off, even while trampolining.

Snapchat Spectacles are not just a tech accessory. These things look cool! And they’ll allow you to show people the world from your perspective. Who isn’t interested in that at one time or another?


You can get them new for around $130. If you use Snapchat, they are worth it.