Q+A: Brandon Williams

A sit down with clothing stylist & brand consultant Brandon Williams. 

I’m on a mission to share my vision of an evolved idea of what a man should be to Soceity.
— Brandon Williams

You might have seen him on IG styling huge sports stars or on the cover of WWD Magazine. He's on a mission to share his vision through social media platforms and here is what he had to say when I asked him a few questions:

Q. How did you get your start in fashion?

A. I  actually started interning for a couple prominent stylist about 7 years ago.

Q. What is it about Men’s fashion that keeps you inspired and grinding?

A. I'm on a mission to shave my vision of an evolved idea of what a man should be to society. So many false stereotypes about menthol are creative.... So I want to share my perspective with everyone and that's a lot of people and platform to get to.

Mercedes Lewis one of Brandon's clients.

Mercedes Lewis one of Brandon's clients.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. I think my personal style is really diverse cocktail of moods /vibes that have gotten me through my life...words like sportfessional that I've made up come to mind lol . Basically sporty professional combined. 


Q. What are your thoughts on street looks vs. the suit and tie look?

A. I think they can coexist, I think it takes more creativity to make a look that vibes with both worlds. There's a lot of style frauds flossing in 3 piece suits under the impression that they are killing it...not really homie. 


Q. In dressing athletes you tend to do a lot of buttoned up looks, would you say that is in your comfort zone or more of a challenge?


A. No I don't have a comfort zone...it just happens there is a dress code to follow for my athletes. And no it's not a challenge I never run out of ideas I actually feel that's my gift compared to the next person in style, competitively speaking. 


Q. They say that personal style cannot be taught. Do you agree or disagree

A. Yeah I feel like everyone is born with their own perspective...the part that can be highlighted or amplified is the taste that those style choices or perspective are executed with. 

Q. In styling so many men in the same industry is it difficult making sure that they all maintain a personal style and aren’t all wearing the same looks?

A. I think it is for some stylist ...not me though in a way that focuses first on who I'm working with...not so much at first what I want and think should their style moves. Personality base approach not fashion derived 



Q. How important is it to stay ahead of trends or even to incorporate trends in looks?

A. I think it's important but not top priority...style is timeless... 


Q. What are some of your favorite Men’s trends that we can keep a look out for?

A. I'm a fan of anything hipster with urban flare. I think the uppers and the lows mixed in a way that makes even the most precocious styled look bummy is best. 


Q. The evolution of Men’s fashion has come a long way since the internet has taken over the world. Do you think there is more unique style or more clones because of that?

A. I think it's a lil bit of both ..in some ways the fake help highlight the real. 


Q. How important is interning in becoming a stylist?

A. It's key...don't skip this ...I repeat it's KEY. 

Mike Conley Via @Brandwills IG

Mike Conley Via @Brandwills IG


Q. Who was the first client that put you on the map?

A. No on put me on the map, that's the difference in my business I help my clients make their mark ...not one of my clients over shadowed the work we have done together ...we build and we rise together ...that's the difference in my business compared to other stylist.

Q. What was the moment you realized that you were living your dreams?

A. When I was on the front page of wwd magazine 


Q. How would you advise someone

A. Be absolute about what you want. Don't cut corners. Keep God first. Be constantly inspired and do not be a small thinker. 


Huge thank you to Brandon Williams for taking the time to answer these questions. If you want to keep up with Brandon and all his style follow him on his Instagram @BRANDWILLS