Q + A: EJ King

I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk with fashion stylist EJ King. He is a really cool person and doesn't care to break the fashion boundaries (Honestly his style rocks go check his IG out) 

Know your name is all you have so don’t mess it up with thinking your bigger then you are!
— EJ King



·      With FW17, What Men’s trends should we be expecting?

EJ: From Seventies accents, super-long sleeves and the return to fashion grace of the puffa jacket, to variations on red and bondage detail, are some of the trends that were all over the runways and you will see popping up In & out pop culture.  



·      How long have you been styling?

EJ: I have been styling for 11 years now.


·      What was your first styling job that got your foot in the door?

EJ: King Mag was the first real shoot that got me my fashion internship that lead me to my start up. 


·      Would you say that is the same gig that really broke you as a “go to stylist” in the entertainment industry?

EJ: That was one of the shoots that got me booked with a major artist. 

Chris Brown Styled by EJ

Chris Brown Styled by EJ


·      How would you advise an aspiring stylist to get their foot in the door?

EJ: Intern with the right people and learn as much as you can. Build great relationships and know your name is all you have so don't mess it up with thinking your bigger then you are!!! Take the time to learn the business.


Karrueche Styled by EJ

Karrueche Styled by EJ

·      You dress both women and men, what do you like about the difference in doing both?

EJ:  I love to dress men because I can see what I like for me and use my self as the templet and go from there. And I love dressing women because there is no restrictions on what you could do with their fashion. You can literally put them in a plastic bag in heels and create a moment!

·      What is it about Men’s fashion that keeps you interested and inspired?

EJ: I just the raw ability to get creative. And work with men that are open to fashion and taking a risk! Push that envelope just a little and dare to be different.


·      Are there any upcoming Men’s designers that we should be on the look out for?

EJ: There's a new up and coming brand called " Ih Nom Uh Nit "


·      What are your thoughts on Men’s street wear vs. Men’s high end?

EJ: I love the combination between the two. Street clothes allow Young fans and influencers to be a part of pop-culture. I am Highend gets respect from the fashion world and is such a polished look.


·      What shows are you looking forward to seeing this approaching NYFW?

EJ:  I'm so excited about so many different shows at this year's fashion week that I just want to take in the whole experience and appreciate the different moments of fashion.


·      How would you describe your style?

EJ: . My Style is forever changing and evolving. But for the most part I love simple thing. A good Saint Laurent Chelsea boots, skinny jeans, a rib tee and a pee coat.


·      What classic Men’s looks are easily done but still appear stylish?

EJ:  A classic look that will always be chic is a good pair of fitted jeans, a white button-down or a oversize shirt paired with a leather jacket or a pea coat. Paired with either timberlands or a Chelsea boot.... A look we see man like David Beckham, Kanye West, & Chris Brown wear.


·      What are necessary daily Men’s accessories?

EJ: Classic men accessories are a great watch, some good shades, and a simple neckless.


Huge thank you to EJ for taking the time to answer these questions. If you want to keep up with EJ follow him on IG @EJKING21