Golden Globes Red Carpet

Golden Globes Fashion

The Golden Globe Awards has become an event to rival the Oscars. Its accolades are bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – way cooler than the Academy. The awards are for excellent film AND television. And it includes the world, not just the US. The event generates millions of dollars, which is then funneled into scholarships and charities that support the arts and struggling, young artists.

It is also a wardrobe masterclass.

This year, the women favored glittering and smoky gowns. The men, as a rule, went black tie, or wore very, very sharp suits. The prevailing theme of this year’s GG red carpet was, as ever, elegance. Humor and flair were a little thin on the ground – but not entirely missing if you look closely. With an almost unbroken line of black dinner jackets, it wasn’t hard to be different. For those who did choose to take a different path, however, the stakes were very high.

The classic black tie formula of ‘one stand-out feature with some spectacular detailing’ is exemplified by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Tom Ford.


Those broad lapels! They’re certainly a feature, with their sharp peak lifting the whole outfit from retro to modern. The repetition of the fabric or tone on the bow tie, the pockets, the trousers, and then the band on his shoes is fantastic. Pity the bow isn’t neater. And one spot of color somewhere – like the shirt studs, would have made this outfit an 11. That said, the award he’s clutching is doing the job nicely!

When it comes to flair, Donald Glover is pitch perfect in Gucci. His stand-out feature is the fabric of his suit, perfectly offset by the original color of his bow tie, which makes no apologies. Being so generously proportioned, it’s wider than his face. Nicely done up, too. He wears this bold ensemble without a single shred of self-consciousness, which is one of the reasons why he nails it.


Then, mastering the ‘overdo’ of the night is undoubtedly Pharrell Williams. Entire articles have been devoted to his wearing of a beanie. It’s cold out there! With such a magnificent white damask frock coat and incredible diamond detailing on his tie and sash, it was the only accessory capable of grounding this exquisite look. Win.

As for the ladies, one of my favorite looks was Hailee Steinfeld's purple Vera Wang dress. It was flowy and stunning.