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Long Johns Are A thing & They Are Hot


While long johns may not seem like the coolest thing in a wardrobe, they have outgrown their half-dressed-hick past and moved into a high-tech present. The bonus of this unsung hero of the underwear cannon is that they can make the difference between dragging this season’s coat around, or traveling light, without the business of shivering like a wet cat. I have been obsessed with Long johns. They look really cool if you match it with the right top and shoes.


There is one main question to ask any pair of long johns that catches your eye: What are you made of?



Wool isn’t for everyone. If you can wear wool next to your skin, baggy woolen johns are iconic. They make excellent lounging wear. Wool is also used with cotton and synthetic mixes for closer-fitting long johns.




Silk is luxurious and soft. Because they are so lightweight, silk johns can go under skinny jeans. Anything silk needs special care and it’s worth remembering that even sunlight will damage this fiber. Wear them only once before washing unless they have been chemically-enhanced to improve wicking. Wicking is when moisture is drawn away from the skin.




Cotton long johns are great for everyday lounging and sleeping in. They can also be made in different ways, like waffle weave, for extra thickness. These are best kept loose because cotton doesn’t wick well with other layers on top, and it doesn’t stretch much, which is what gives it the baggy quality over time.  I have the grey ones from cotton citizen and they are great!


Here are some cool ways to wear it:

Best worn with the tops rolled down like a boxer.


Or just wear them on their own for the sweat pants look with a twist.



They can be everything from an ice-breaker to a serious accessory, and they are also great under worn-through jeans, ripped jeans, & shorts.