Dress Shirts: Collars

Dress Shirts: Collars

If you think that collars are all the same, then think again. There are plenty of different styles. Like cuffs, your collar is visible even when you are wearing a jacket. Since they are always on show, it pays to pay attention.


Different types of collar include:


-Point – this is a traditional collar, often considered as typically American. It’s characterized by a narrow gap between collar points and a small enclosure for your tie knot. Most men own at least one shirt with a point collar (or a casual point, which is it’s floppier cousin), so consider other styles to add interest to your wardrobe.


-Button Down – you will also have seen this collar all over. Variations, however, can add modernity or classic style. The good thing about button down collars is that you can wear them casually or you can add a tie for a more preppy look. 


-Tall Spread – the formality of this collar comes from its high collar band. It will look great under a suit jacket or blazer. It’s also versatile enough for you to wear to work or for a night out. 


-Semi-Spread – If you need something dressy, but not so formal, this collar is a good choice. Like the tall spread, it is suited to being worn under a jacket and with a variety of tie knots.


-Cutaway – this is one of the most versatile styles of collar. It works equally well with solid shirts or patterns. And you can dress it up or dress it down; wear it with a suit and tie, or throw on a casual jacket and jeans.


-Deep Cutaway – If you like a tie with a fuller knot, a shirt with a larger collar and a pronounced spread will look super stylish. You’re in charge -  if you want to wear this shirt without a tie, go ahead. Unbuttoned, it offers a look that is charming and carefree without seeming careless.

-Eton or Club – if you need a collar that will always behave itself under a jacket, this is a good bet. It was once considered a cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe. For a traditional shirt with style, this collar will take you in the right direction.

-Banded – This is also known as the Nehru Collar or Mandarin Collar. It is slimmer than other collars and does not have a fold or collar blade. Not only is it very comfortable, but you can wear it formally or more casually, putting you in full control of your look.

Attention to detail turns a mediocre outfit into a great look. Examine the finer details of your garments to take your personal style to the next level.


Check out this beautifully tailored shirt from Hugo Boss, featuring a cutaway collar with removable collar stays.


By being aware of the different kinds of collars out there, you can take control of your appearance. Enjoying clothes that are perfectly suited to your mood and attitude.