Post Gym Skincare

After the gym I'm always on the go so i never have time to go home and freshen up. Its really important to clean your face after sweating because sweat clogs your pores and that is how acne starts appearing. I have a Pouch in my car with these 3 easy products that freshen up my face.


Facial Puffs <<<

These facial puffs make the process super easy. They gently exfoliate the skin removing all the dirt and oil. You squeeze 4-5 drops of the Dermaclear water on them and start going in circular motions on your face. It's $2 for a pack of twelve and they are even reusable!!

Dermaclear <<<    

Its micro water that removes dirt from your skin and leaves it hydrated witch is perfect after you have been sweating for a hour long.

Tatcha Skin Mist <<<

This is the last step and you are ready to go! This is one of my favorite skin products ever! It makes your skin look so nice and healthy.