My Top 3 Trend Picks at the 2016 American Music Awards
G-Eazy  AMA'S 2016 


AMA'S 2016 


G-Eazy looks very dope wearing cropped pants. This trend defiantly needs time to get used to as I have myself. For almost two months I have been going back and forth on the ankle length pant that shows off our “mankle” aka ankle. If you feel weird showing your ankle just try this with a sock at first (pictured). I have now grown to love this trend and you should give this trend a try. G rocked this all black sleek look really effortlessly.


Shawn Mendez went with a modern approach mixing a leather jacket with a pant suit and a button up instead of doing a traditional matching blazer.



Shawn Mendez  AMA'S 2016

Shawn Mendez

AMA'S 2016

Niall Horan  AMA'S 2016   

Niall Horan

AMA'S 2016



Niall sure took this moment to show the world that he went from band member to grown up real quick. His previous red carpet looks were never as clean as this one.  From the glasses and hair style this look definitely gives me some Clark kent vibes.